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Jen Kubalak

Therapist, Mentor & Coach

Naropa University
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA 
Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Psychology

Unlicensed Psychotherapist NLC.0109890

Supervised by Genevieve Johnson, MA, LPC from Wild Plum
Supervised by Bridget Tedeschi, MA, LPC from The Bridge Center 
Supervised by Avani Dilger, MA, LPC, CACIII, ADS, MINT at Natural Highs 
Supervised by Karen Schweihs, M.Ed., LPC at Boulder Strong Resource Center

Business Mentorship from Rachel Bell in Online Coach Accelerator
Business Mentorship from Leah Gervais in Scale your Side Hustle
Business Mentorship from Jocelyn Kelly Reid in The Cohort

Ma·gic Mo·ment [maj-ik moh-muhnt] n.


1. A spontaneous moment defined by a unique and serendipitous nature, which, when embraced with both gratitude and an open heart, can bring clarity and peace of mind and teach us to embrace the uncertainties of being human.

My niche is working with adverse life experiences that occur at an early age. 

My passion is to support children, teens & adults in their desire to show up as the best possible versions of themselves. As they navigate through life's unexpected challenges, I am here to help them embrace, accept and claim full ownership & accountability around their life-changing moments that make them exactly who they are meant to be. 

In life, magic moments are defined by the uniqueness of our life purpose. Magic moments are the moments of awareness, chaos, pain, disruption, repair, redirection, intervention, evaluation, alignment and clarity. When I become aware of the magic surrounding me, I can be open to seeing the magic within me. In trusting myself, I am open to what my magic moments have in store for me. I have the power to shift and do something differently.

Being different allows us to have influence to simply share who we are with the world. What a beautiful way to stay connected, grow, learn and expand into the next ever-evolving versions of self. Becoming confident in sharing who we truly are takes courage, vulnerability, willingness, bravery, time and practice.



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Play Based Support for Children

With the current events of the world, mental health matters more now than ever. With the ever-evolving waves of "new normal" comes more patience, flexibility & adaptability. Please let me know how I can support you.


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The Power of Play and the impact of Relationship:

See what parents are saying about conscious parenting solutions:

"you'll never quite know the impact you've made on someone else's heart"


Kylie L.

"Such a remarkable way of relating to children and understanding what they need most is attention and presence. Jen has mastered playing intently whilst still giving them the boundaries that children require."

Kelly D.

"Jen takes the time to make a connection with each child she comes in contact with, meeting them where they are at in their process and making an impact on their authentic experience without judgement, expectation or pressure of any kind."

Sanjana C.

"Jen is very patient, friendly and present with kids. She possesses professional acumen of involving kids in authenticity and listening to how they feel. She is phenomenal in advocating what’s best for kids, it’s a gift. She's a gift!"