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Why is PLAY therapy effective?

  • Play has the power to teach us to slow down

  • Play has the power to remind us that we can remove ourselves from the layers that we so closely identify with

  • Play has the power to allow us to project onto the toys what we are sorting through on all levels

  • Play has the power to show us how to untangle from our triggers and to see the reframes helpful for our forward movement

  • Play has the power to lift the subconscious beliefs that are limiting our choices and decision making abilities giving us agency

  • Play has the power to remind us that feelings, thoughts, sensations and emotions are our greatest guides and teachers

  • Play has the power to bring us into the present moment where all is possible

  • Play has the power to wake us up to who we are in a profound way

  • Play has the power to permission vulnerability and intimacy with self where connection is in full integrity


When we notice, pay presence and intention while tending to our natural curiosities and growing edges, we find so much magic in the moments of trust, truth, expression and courage. Going at the pace, rate and speed of each individual child and their unique experiences allows the full range of potency and purpose to take place. Their natural process is where the magic unfolds and reveals in "perfect" timing that aligns with their path and their goals specific to their integration and transformation.