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What is Play Therapy?

Magic Moments Therapy LLC offers techniques of child therapy and counseling that goes beyond traditional methods in order to

  • Create a safe space for intuition and heart-based experiences

  • Increase connection through authentic expression

  • Open channels for authenticity, accountability, awareness and transformation

  • Transform deep inadequacy, perfectionism, "not good enough" and various other deep seated beliefs

  • Support the acceptance, empowerment and trust towards new experiences 

Play is fundamental to the process and play can be realized through child therapy games, imaginative expression, child therapy activities, embodying deeper truth, reading stories, and more. Play is a nurturing time of titration as we expand the edges of emotional tolerance.

Play can assist a myriad of challenges and concerns that include but are not limited to:

Fear, ADHD, Trauma, Rejection, Aggression, Grief & Loss, Bed Wetting, Potty Training, Emotional Growth, Medical Conditions, Restrictiveness, Binging, Medical Traumas, Separation Anxiety, Divorce & Separation, Major Life Transitions, Isolation, Bullying, Identity Development, Sadness & Depression, Listening & Connecting, Self-Esteem & Self-Worth, Relationship Development, Chaos, Clingy, Shame, Neglect, Sensitivity, Meltdowns, Enmeshment, Abandonment, Embarrassment & Sensory Processing.


Of course, these sessions would be lost without parent involvement. Parent involvement in children's therapy is not required, but it greatly expedites the process of growth and healing. Magic Moments Therapy LLC offers sessions specifically for parents to strengthen the parent-child relationship and increase connection

Magic Moments Therapy LLC offers in person sessions in Erie, Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Gunbarrel, Longmont and nearby areas. Play is best practiced in person.

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