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"Magic Moments has a gentle nature and natural passion when working with others that creates and cultivates an invitation for acceptance, permission, and authenticity."


Of Play

Play is the most natural form of communication that is used for authentic expression. It has the power to increase connection to self & others and boost confidence both now, and for years to come. Therapy is a safe space for intuition and heart-based experiences to come through. In my personal experience, I have seen play open a variety of channels for authenticity, accountability, awareness and transformation. Play Therapy works well with but not limited to ages 3-12.


"Play is not simply a reproduction of what they have experienced, but a creative reworking of the impressions they have acquired."




Magic Moments specializes in fostering a space where emotional processes can be explored. Our mission is to provide children, teens, adults and their families with the opportunity to build communication, create connection, overcome fears, and trust the intelligence within themselves so that when it comes time to handle life's challenges, they can be confident both socially and emotionally.



Play has the power to transform deep inadequacy, perfectionism, "not good enough" and various other deep seated beliefs. I tend to attract clients who are struggling to fit in but feel too different to connect. I work with those who are looking to develop their capacity to handle disappointment, and establish self-trust & create powerful relationships with those around them. Are you putting pressure on yourself to get things right? Is your identity connected to your achievements?  Sometimes it can feel totally intimidating to see your child in emotional distress, and vice versa, especially when things feel overwhelming or out of control. Little people with big feelings deserve to have their needs met. I am here to support the acceptance, empowerment and trust towards new experiences that have the potential to create connection, spark confidence, and initiate change through feeling and overcoming rejection. Play can assist a myriad of challenges and concerns that include but are not limited to:

Fear, ADHD, Trauma, Rejection, Aggression, Grief & Loss, Bed Wetting, Potty Training, Emotional Growth, Medical Conditions, Restrictiveness, Binging, Medical Traumas, Separation Anxiety, Divorce & Separation, Major Life Transitions, Identity Development, Isolation, Bullying, Sadness & Depression, Listening & Connecting, Self-Esteem & Self-Worth, Relationship Development, Chaos, Clingy, Shame, Neglect, Sensitivity, Meltdowns, Enmeshment, Abandonment, Reunification, Reintegration, Embarrassment & Sensory Processing.

Play has the power to teach us permission to slow down. Play has the power to remind us that we can remove ourselves from the layers that we so closely identify with. Play has the magnitude to display deep safety in self exploration. Play has the power to allow us to project onto the toys what we are sorting through on all levelsPlay has the power to show us how to untangle from our triggers and to see the reframes helpful for our forward movementPlay has the power to lift the subconscious beliefs that are limiting our choices and decision making abilities giving us agencyPlay has the power to remind us that feelings, thoughts, sensations and emotions are our greatest guides and teachersPlay has the power to bring us into the present moment where all is possiblePlay has the power to wake us up to who we "be" in a profound way. Play has the power to show us who we are without our patterns and conditioning. Play has the power to permission vulnerability and intimacy with self. Play has the power to usher in genuine connection in full integrity.

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