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When I received this for the first time, I was too relaxed too quickly and felt anxious about not feeling anxious. This nervous system reset brought my body into complete relaxation and rest & digest which then created space for me to feel safe in my experience. The feeling was not what I was used to! I had to breathe into it before I could feel the support from it. The 5 point ear acupuncture protocol involves the gentle placement of up to five small needles into designated points on each ear. Ancient & Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles establish a link between corresponding internal organs to support mental health, emotional health, mood, PTSD, addiction, pain, disaster relief settings or treating emotional traumas. The combined application of ear acupuncture with counseling enhances healing for growth & success.

"Adults and children in the modern world are being diagnosed with PTSD at almost the same rate as those in third-world, war-torn countries. The statistics on mental health outcomes in our western world. The pressure of TOO MUCH is waging an undeclared war on our mental health and our resiliency and we know it. We feel it."


-Kim Payne MED, Author of Simplicity Parenting

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