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Magic Moments Therapy LLC supports teens who struggle to fit the "norms", yet know that they are here for something deeper. Client centered therapy follows the lead of the client and moves through challenges at the client's pace. Through gestalt parts work and internal family systems we build awareness and lean into resistance and set attainable goals.

Adolescence is a wonderful time for developing identity, the time where the brain is undergoing synaptic pruning, and the time for developmental physical changes. This is a time of reconstruction. Jen offers challenging yet gentle support. Jen sets the environment so that it fosters open and honest dialogue. Jen becomes a mirror for self-reflection and can see teens' perspectives through a compassionate lens and growth mentality. 


When we notice, pay presence and intention while tending to our natural curiosities and growing edges, we find so much magic in the moments of trust, truth, expression and courage. Going at the pace, rate and speed of each individual child and their unique experiences allows the full range of potency and purpose to take place. Their natural process is where the magic unfolds and reveals in "perfect" timing that aligns with their path and their goals specific to their integration and transformation.

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