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Jen is a PAUSE Certified Breathwork Facilitator and uses the practice to enhance mind-body connection. Jen was required to guide clients through 180 hours of conscious breathwork sessions.​ Breath is known to provide immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief. Breath has the potential to enhance awareness of emotions, softening the physiological responses to them, revitalizing organs, giving access to your higher power, reducing toxins in your body & providing energetic release, restoring more energy & amplifying mental clarity. Intentional breath deepens your relationship to your body, releases stuck energy in your system and grants better access to your intuition, higher self, and source. Parents see life changing benefit from practicing breathwork sessions on a regular basis as well as have consistently expressing that the practice helps  them share their emotions from a more regulated place of well-being. Simply paying more attention to breath also allows us to move forward with more grace through life's stressors.  Breathwork is a methodology that empowers your own body to use its own natural tools to self regulate, ground, and create spaciousness to hold more. More joy, more abundance, more FUN! YOU, yes YOU are the drug!

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