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t h e r a p y is not a NEED

therapy is a luxury

therapy is afforded to those who have the resources, the time, the energy, the effort, the money, the transportation etc.

therapy prioritizes individual experiences while disregarding the inherent systemic inequities in our society

therapy often disregards the intergenerational trauma rooted in centuries of oppression & violence

therapy pathologizes early childhood experiences

decolonizing therapy is a radical movement that can allow us to join forces, reclaim our voices and heal in the power of group in togetherness

when we come from a place of acknowledging the profoundness of the collective, we can enter personal therapy with more context, less competition, more perspective and overall interconnectedness so that therapy can become much more impactful and relational.

therapy is a space where we get to be in our integrity

therapy is a place where we get to be in personal responsibility

therapy is a space where we make room for the messiness

therapy is a place where inclusivity is practiced

therapy is the space to bring discomfort, sharing the moments that feel hard to bring a voice to

therapy is the space to honor what is being let go of and what we are moving towards

therapy is a place where curiosity is explored through acknowledgement and embracing

therapy is a space where we get to acknowledge the duality of the outer world and how our inner worlds impact each other

therapy is a place to show up wholeheartedly to gain support

therapy is a tool for increasing self awareness and emotional variability

therapy is an unconditional space for learning, growing, transforming and balancing

therapy is a place to untangle patterns & try alternatives for emotional health and resilience

therapy is a place where new ideas compound, emotions are felt and trauma is released

therapy is a space where we can recognize that yes as one person we can make a difference and that this can change our collective one community member at a time

the therapy relationship becomes a safe space to share, trust and deepen

therapy can also be confronting, vulnerable, courageous, challenging and expansive

I mentioned that therapy is not a need. In the meantime while we create accessibility and as we transition into new ways of living, new ways of being, confronting the uncomfortable truths; what are the ways you take care of what you need in this modern day and age?

Being human is complex- change is upon us!

When I think about what I need to show up, here are a few things I will need to thrive:









essential oils

greens + minerals

enough water to hydrate

enough sleep to feel rested

enough nourishment to feel sustained and well

enough sunlight, wind, nature, movement practices and walks to regulate

good company such as friendships, animals, colleagues, family

in person connections and supports for my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual well-being

when I take care of myself in this way that feels simple but honoring, I can contribute my best work. I acknowledge that this is not available for everyone and I am working toward a world where we can grant access to those who would not otherwise be able to. Everyone deserves mental and emotional support and trauma is not a mental health disorder!

what will you add/change to your list?

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