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True Authentic Connection

Updated: Apr 15

I don't know what the truth is, but I know what LOVE feels like. Authenticity is the piece of integrity that allows us to create something that has never been created before. Being uniquely you and showing up in your one of a kind frequency allows your medicine to be received.

My current version of connection has space for depth, understanding, vulnerability, individuation, accountability, creativity, embrace, and unconditional acceptance.

My breath is my biggest teacher when it comes to true authentic connection. Connection starts with myself. If I am connected to my own limitless possibilities, I can become inspired to be in that place of feeling nourished and taken care of.

When I connect with animals, all is well. When I connect with the natural world I can feel the bliss everywhere.

One of the ways I love to connect is through song and play. I love singing in friendship and by the water. I love sharing song in circle and with children.

We can connect in any state in any way that we need to be held and moved and supported.

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