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Good Grief

Updated: Apr 15

Grief can hit me like bricks in one moment and in another like feathers.

Grief is that feeling that wipes me out when I am saying goodbye to something I still long for.

Grief teaches me that the love that has been born way before my time is infinite.

Grief gives me a reason to show up to my mission and to understand the role that we all play in this divine .

The gift to feel, see, sense, move towards pleasure, move away from pain and relish in the celebration of being together in sacred holy times.

Because of this illusion of separateness are we able to fathom what love is. Without this illusion we would be the fish in water not knowing a life without it.

Being able to revel in the magnitude of time and the honor of space reminds me that as I witness the magic, magic is also witnessing me too.

I am a gift that is the gift giving gifting itself. I am noticing the role I play in this web of life.

My heart aches, my head hurts and I am experiencing the feeling of what it must feel to be alive. The depths of the trenches and the ways that this stretches my heart is B E Y O N D my own comprehension.

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